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Our Approach

New academic standards have raised the bar for instruction. Transforming Teams helps educators meet this challenge, building strong teams capable of improving teaching and learning. Participants choose a course of study aligned to their needs. Together, they put what they are learning into practice right away to advance school goals.

Real-World Practice

Transforming Teams emphasizes purposeful learning as participants plan instruction collaboratively and strive to advance school priorities. Partners may add supplemental on-site support that enriches the core training.

Best-in-Class Content

Transforming Teams provides affordable access to our library of online tutorials and case studies, all research-based and designed to support implementation of college- and career-readiness standards.

Skills For Success

Participants learn to lead focused meetings and master practices common to high-functioning instructional teams, such as setting standards-aligned goals and using data to guide strategy.

Why Transforming Teams?

Instructional teams fall short of ambitious goals when they lack a shared framework for collaboration. Transforming Teams builds critical leadership skills and deepens content expertise, empowering educators to work better, together, to meet higher academic standards.

The program ensures that teams plan instruction together, teaches them to lead through change, and fosters a culture where they hold one another accountable for success. Through guided study and application, these habits become part of the team’s DNA, delivering lasting benefits for students.

Teacher collaboration boosts achievement, but very few schools have effective models

Meeting a Higher Bar

Using case studies and lessons drawn from online tutorials, participants plan standards-aligned lessons and assessments that will enable students to meet newly rigorous expectations. The program also includes real-time assessments and interactive feedback to ensure the entire team is aligned in efforts to improve teaching.

of teams say the program helped them make meaningful instructional change

A Personalized Approach

Transforming Teams allows participants to choose a course of study tailored to their school’s unique priorities. We offer multiple learning pathways, including deep dives into Common Core standards in math or English language arts. This approach ensures that teams can focus their learning exactly where it is needed.

of teams say the program helped them to collaborate more effectively

Flexible Solutions for Diverse Needs

Transforming Teams allows our partners to choose from a menu of program models to find a solution that aligns with their needs and budget.

All participants enjoy subscription access to our online content library, but partners may opt to supplement that training with additional support, such as on-site professional development or office hours with a New Leaders Advisor. We also offer a more robust engagement where we train local leaders as Transforming Teams Advisors. That approach cultivates effective collaboration within participating schools, while building the expertise to grow those practices across school systems for many years to come.

School Spotlight


New Common Core standards posed a stark challenge for teachers at Kenilworth Science and Technology Charter School, where 96 percent of students are low-income, and half read below grade level on enrollment.

Through Transforming Teams, the school’s Instructional Leadership Team set a goal to boost English proficiency. In particular, they found that Kenilworth teachers were not asking students rigorous, text-based questions, and the team set out to reverse that pattern. They reviewed case studies to learn how teams elsewhere met similar goals and adopted practices common to those teams: setting clear meeting objectives, sharing planning and decision making, and establishing joint accountability. Their action plan included focused observations and coaching aligned to their instructional priority.

They also monitored student progress with ongoing assessments and — after an “implementation dip” which Transforming Teams prepared them to anticipate and overcome — reading proficiency began to climb.


“The program helped us think more deeply about what we were missing and align professional development accordingly. Our observations became more meaningful because we had a clear goal."

— Principal Hasan Suzuk

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