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Our programs emphasize relevant, job-embedded training, so you master essential leadership practices while directly supporting student success. Throughout the experience, expert coaches help you build skills that ensure success in your current role and provide a springboard to future career growth.


Leading Instruction Overview:

Leading Instruction equips you with instructional expertise aligned to college- and career readiness standards, preparing you to elevate achievement in your classroom and serve as a resource to colleagues across your school.


  • Current and aspiring teacher leaders
  • Instructional coaches
  • Assistant principals


  • At least three years of teaching experience by June 2017
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Employment at the time of application in a school-based position in a location/district that offers Leading Instruction.
  • A role that ensures the opportunity to work with a consistent group of students whose learning growth is your responsibility.
  • Additional requirements apply in select states (see details in map below)


Real-World Practice: Adults learn best when training is rooted in challenging, real-world work. Leading Instruction integrates purposeful learning and practice into your daily work at school.

Expert Coaching: While most leadership training is offsite, our expert coaches provide on-the-job feedback that builds your instructional leadership muscle while you are directly supporting students. Classroom-centered assignments are also recorded on video for additional feedback from peers.

A Sharp Focus on Instruction: Leading Instruction strengthens your mastery of excellent, standards-aligned teaching, preparing you to put students on a path to success and apply that expertise to support colleagues to do the same.

A Platform for Growth: Leading Instruction prepares you to take on expanded instructional leadership responsibilities in your current role and provides a stepping stone for career advancement or further leadership development opportunities.


  • One-week summer induction
  • Seven group training sessions
  • Regular on-site coaching

Application Process

1. Complete the Registration Form
2. Complete the two-part application