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Taylor Cloud

I am thrilled to have landed at Hilliard Studio Method, which has transformed my life by re-wiring how I think about working out and taking care of my body. HSM is simply the most intelligent, efficient, safe and highly effective workout I’ve experienced. Additionally, the studio and community are vibrant and inspiring. In just a […]

Allie Dunn

“While preparing for Miss NC USA, I became addicted to Hilliard Studio Method classes! I could see and feel a difference in my body, not only physically but mentally as well. I love attending classes and soaking in the powerful atmosphere in the studio. With the help of Hilliard and my trainer I was able […]

Stacy Gorelick

Shortly before Thanksgiving last year I ran into an old yoga buddy who I hadn’t seen in a while. Our conversation quickly turned to exercise and what we had each been doing to keep in shape. I had spent 7 years completely devoted to yoga. But it had been 4 years since I had rolled […]