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Whitney Holofchak

From the first time I took my first HSM class I was hooked! I’ve always loved to work out and have especially enjoyed running. However, after having children 12 months apart, running wasn’t effective in getting me back in shape. Soon after I started at Hilliard, I saw results! No other workout has been as […]

Dr. Meredith Faulkner

Since high school, my fitness identity could pretty singularly be wrapped up as “runner.” And as said “runner,” the only exercise I consistently made time for was… you guessed it… running. Sure I enjoyed other things- hiking, yoga, etc. But those were just icing on the cake. The cake was always running. Eventually though, (you […]

Hope Skouras

On April 9th, I welcomed a precious baby girl into the world! Throughout my pregnancy, I consistently worked out at Hilliard Studio Method and made every effort to be in the studio at least three times a week! I keep coming back to HSM because of the results and the endorphin release. During my first […]